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Ghostbusters Magazine Cover Prop-Collection
  • Ghostbusters Magazine Cover Prop-Collection

Bundle: Ghostbusters Magazine Cover Prop-Collection


10 different magazine covers

- very high print quality
- professionally restored on the basis of the original props
- different, high-resolution paper types similiar to the originals

This pack contains

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The collection includes:

cover from USA TODAY "Ghost Fever Grips New York", cover from Star Magazine "GHOSTBUSTERS SAVE JUDGE", cover from Atlantic Magazine "THE POLITICS OF THE NEXT DIMENSION", cover from Globe Magazine "GHOSTBUSTERS SUPER DIET", cover from New York Post "THEY'RE BACK!", cover from New York Post "GHOST COPS BUST CHINATOWN SPOOK", cover from OMNI Magazine "QUANTUM LEAPS: Ghostbusters' tools of the trade", Painted Portrait "Ghostbusters with Baby Oscar", Painted Portrait "Vigo of the Carpathian", Ghostbusters-letter with Slimer-speck


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